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Provide a more tactile experience for your customers, who won’t even need to physically visit stores while optimizing conventional production processes and eradicating the tenuous tasks that nobody really likes to do. Reevaluate all parts of the value chain. You’ll see the ways technology has been used by fashion brands so far within design, production, marketing, and retail. Then discover the market opportunity that technologies such as 3D printing, augmented reality, and more bring into the chain. Challenge the ways in which you implement basic functions in your own practices. Despite the dominance of brick &amp mortar stores, digital platforms have emerged to pave the way for more diverse retail experiences with the adoption of technology in the fashion industry.
We’re talking about more than just online shopping. Tap into NFTs, online fitting rooms, and tech solutions for better customer acquisition and increased sales. Fashion tech is more than just clothing covered in LEDs. It is the adoption of value chain optimizations, customer experience enhancing tools, and advanced operations management into existing business models. When taken seriously by the industry, it will be the future of how we all sell and purchase our products and interact with them. With a particular focus on apparel, each section of this book will put a lens on the existing conventions practiced in the industry at all stages of the value chain and how the help of technology could completely transform fashion for a more cost efficient, sustainable and time efficient industry.
Use augmented reality, virtual reality, NFTs, body scanning, 3D design, and more to completely revolutionize how you approach fashion. Both as a consumer and as an amazing designer!
What You’ll Learn
Become more creative in the way you hack any part of the fashion value chain
Spark inspiration for implementations of new technologies in fashion for both customers and designers
Adopt and stay forward-thinking by diving into where the industry currently is and where it is going
Who This Book Is For
Decision makers in fashion corporate companies and emerging fashion brands wondering how to innovate in the saturated fashion market, as well as, fashion students with an interest in building the future of fashion. No prior technology knowledge is needed

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